Don't judge au-pairs.

28. september 2016 at 10:16 |  Life
Czech version is coming soon.

I, as an au-pair, have many many and many things to deal with, but there will always be some kind of person saying, that ap-pair isnot a real job and that he or she could do it too. It is only kids. Everyone could do it.
I strongly dislike a word "hate", but my feeling, when I hear this is getting dangerously close to that.
How can you say, that you could do it, when you've never tried. Or how can you say that it is not a real job? Or how can you even think, that I am something less that you just because my current job is taking care of kids.
Come on people. You can do better. It is so and very rude to tell someone, anyone, who is taking care of kids for living, that he, or she is not enough. I have heard it so many times I can't even count it.
It is just kids.
What you do all day, since you are not working.
I am not doing this, because I can't do anything else.
I am not doing this, because I am not able to do a "normal" (labels) job.
But I am also not doing this only because I love children, which I absolulety do.
I am doing this, because I want.
I am doing this, because I know how much can this experience change me.
It already did. It shaped me it a way, you probably won't ever understand.
Because you didn't try.
Shame. You could be even more awesome person, than you already are. It would teach you about you. It would challenge you and it would probably change you.
When I was 20. Before I left home behind and went to another world I use to say, that babies are very far in the future for me, beucase I wouldn't be albe to take care of them, because I am not even able to take a proper care of myself.
Well I still say that babies are very far in the future, but not for the same reasons.
I was basically forced (by mself) to learn how to take care of myself AND another human being(s). I had to learn so many stuff, you have no idea about and that is why it changed me in a way you won't understand.
Because you didn't even try and because you are labeling me. For not being on the same levels as you.
Your bad.
I am happy with myself as I could ever be. Only because I made my decison, that day, 2 years ago.


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