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12. october 2016 at 22:47 |  Life
Happy October! Pumpkin month.
Cooking me - is funny me and more imporantly - messy me. Even when it is going about potatoes. Luckily I can clean after myself, not like the bosses of mine. Yey. Anyway, I was craving for some sweet potatoes sooooo badly, which is kind of weird, because I really dislike them in the States.. Don't know what and where happened, but here I am, eating some sweet potatoes, like a King. Queen. Whatever.
Anyway. Just canceled my gym membership. Don't want to by paying £20 every month since I went there once (lol) and my legs hurt so bad for a week, that I couldn't walk. Call me lazy, I don't care. I just have to stop eating chocolate and I will be perfectly fine!
I went to a movies.. a week ago? Two weeks ago? Seriously, the time is f* flying I can't even keep up with it. It will be three month since I came to London. And I mean.. three months?! That is a quite a long time for me! It usually takes about about that time, when I realize I want to move someplace else to see some new things and places, you know. So three months, big deal. I don't know if will be here in a month, but that is another story.
So I went to a movies. Some time ago. And I loved the movie we went to see. It is call ba the craziest name I have ever heard, but here it goes - Miss Pelegrine's Home for Pericular Children. Loved it, loved it, LOVED IT, but I can't even say it correctly. Too bad. Tim Burton directed it, and I love his movies. You can even see him in the movie in one moment, if you are looking closely! So we went to see this movie and a couple days later, I went to store call WHSmith, which is basically mini stationery only - Michael's.
I miss Michael's sooooo badly, I can't even...!
So I went there and I was looking at some books that are coming out, so I can borrow them in a library (because I am smart girl saving trees and money.. and space) and I bumped up in to the book called Miss Pelegrine's Home for Pericular Children. So guess what. I haven't been smart at that particular moment, I haven't save that three and I certainly haven't save the money or space, because I just simply went crazy and I bought it. And you know what? NO REGRETS. AND there are two following books! AND I WILL buy them also! As soon as I will be done with the first one. Which will be probably in couple folowing days and still - no regrets!


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