Windy cold London

18. november 2016 at 22:44
This happen yesterday... I was walking somewhere, with the pram of course, and it was so windy I barely hold the pram and myself in one place. And at one point I was going backwards. That is how strong wind it was and I am not even kidding.

So is it getting so very Christmasy over (wherever you are) too? Seems insane, but truth is, taht Christmas are getting insanely close. Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park started .. I think today. Christmas carols everywhere you go, which only reminds me the zero of presents I have.
But today I went a little bit crazy. Not really surprising. I got some Christmas cards and like.. silver, gold pens to have those cards written in a real Christmasy way.

Anyway, still working my butt of. All of my jobs (haha) are getting pretty much busy by the end of the year. Same as everything else here in London, or elsewhere. What I am trying to say is, that my schedule is almost full till X-mas. Well, until I leave home for the Holidays. Can't wait to just chill with some good coffee/wine, watch fairytales (no disney tho), and have a happy and peaceful time (I hope). I will let you know how it went, when I get back to London.

Almost end of November. I know I say it all the time, but time is f*cking flying! NOVEMBER. Did you hear me?!

Have a warm November!


So Trump?

11. november 2016 at 22:57
I didn't want to write about this, but it is so big deal that I just can't skip it and go with the flow. Unthinkable happened. It became reality and many of us went just.. WHAT?!
Well, that is surprising.
I still don't fully understand How on Earth that happen. I am wrapping my mind around it for a full 2 days already and it still seems like a bad dream.
But I know that some most Americans are crazy enough to vote him.. Obviously.
People with any sence for politics, or people with any sence for the right thing are probably going nuts right now. Crying and wanting to move to another country (poor Canada haha). And I understand. I really do, but you know what? He is only one person and honestly, everyone knows that president doesn't really have a power. Basically any power. I mean, I really like Obama! But it is only for four years, and if the people won't like it, that is why they can vote again. In four years. We (Czech) have a terrible president too. It is awful and very embarrassing, but it is only for a couple of years (they goes very slowly tho..) and we will survive and so will America.
So stay strong. I am with you.
I hope to see you some day again.
If Trump let me visit LOL.


A year after

3. november 2016 at 13:53
Have you ever been addicted to chocolate? Naah me either. Except I was / I am. I haven't have any chocolate for like 3 weeks and it is literally killing me inside. AND on the outside too. Damn it.
Today it the 3rd of November, 2016. Over two years ago I completely chenged my life. I move to Americe to start a new chapter, find a new Me and just enjoy life for a while. And over year ago I came back to Europe. Since that experience I divide my life into two separate parts. Before and after. Before I left and after I left. Can't belive it has been a year already. I remember the feeling I had when I was on the plane from LA to Munich, like it was yesterday. It seems so far and in the same time, it feels like I just came. So many things happened since I left DC. I have seen SO many places, I have met so many awesome people, who changed my life. I did so traveling around Europe. I worked a bit here and there. It's been an incedible ride and I hope it will continue for a loong time.
So Christmas are quickly coming to town! It is starting to getting all crazy around London. Not saying tha it is not cool! But I ca finally say that I am coming to Czech for the festive time, since I got the ticket like.. two days ago I think. Can't wait. It will be great to get to see everyone again.
I also have so stuff coming in near couple of months so hopefully everything will work out and I will start something I am talking about for a years. Who knows how it will go, but I am trying to keep myself positive.
I've had a hard last couple of weeks, so I am relaxing whenever I can. Lots of work happening, not too much seep going on. Working on that now, but you know.. that is part of the job, if you didn't know that already.
I just wanted to say that I am thankful for everything and everyone in my life. I also miss America.. for a year?! Still can't believe it. It is running!!!! It will be February before I even say February.
Hope you are enjoying yourself, wherever you are.


Sweet potatoes & movies

12. october 2016 at 22:47
Happy October! Pumpkin month.
Cooking me - is funny me and more imporantly - messy me. Even when it is going about potatoes. Luckily I can clean after myself, not like the bosses of mine. Yey. Anyway, I was craving for some sweet potatoes sooooo badly, which is kind of weird, because I really dislike them in the States.. Don't know what and where happened, but here I am, eating some sweet potatoes, like a King. Queen. Whatever.
Anyway. Just canceled my gym membership. Don't want to by paying £20 every month since I went there once (lol) and my legs hurt so bad for a week, that I couldn't walk. Call me lazy, I don't care. I just have to stop eating chocolate and I will be perfectly fine!
I went to a movies.. a week ago? Two weeks ago? Seriously, the time is f* flying I can't even keep up with it. It will be three month since I came to London. And I mean.. three months?! That is a quite a long time for me! It usually takes about about that time, when I realize I want to move someplace else to see some new things and places, you know. So three months, big deal. I don't know if will be here in a month, but that is another story.
So I went to a movies. Some time ago. And I loved the movie we went to see. It is call ba the craziest name I have ever heard, but here it goes - Miss Pelegrine's Home for Pericular Children. Loved it, loved it, LOVED IT, but I can't even say it correctly. Too bad. Tim Burton directed it, and I love his movies. You can even see him in the movie in one moment, if you are looking closely! So we went to see this movie and a couple days later, I went to store call WHSmith, which is basically mini stationery only - Michael's.
I miss Michael's sooooo badly, I can't even...!
So I went there and I was looking at some books that are coming out, so I can borrow them in a library (because I am smart girl saving trees and money.. and space) and I bumped up in to the book called Miss Pelegrine's Home for Pericular Children. So guess what. I haven't been smart at that particular moment, I haven't save that three and I certainly haven't save the money or space, because I just simply went crazy and I bought it. And you know what? NO REGRETS. AND there are two following books! AND I WILL buy them also! As soon as I will be done with the first one. Which will be probably in couple folowing days and still - no regrets!


Don't judge au-pairs.

28. september 2016 at 10:16
Czech version is coming soon.

I, as an au-pair, have many many and many things to deal with, but there will always be some kind of person saying, that ap-pair isnot a real job and that he or she could do it too. It is only kids. Everyone could do it.
I strongly dislike a word "hate", but my feeling, when I hear this is getting dangerously close to that.
How can you say, that you could do it, when you've never tried. Or how can you say that it is not a real job? Or how can you even think, that I am something less that you just because my current job is taking care of kids.
Come on people. You can do better. It is so and very rude to tell someone, anyone, who is taking care of kids for living, that he, or she is not enough. I have heard it so many times I can't even count it.
It is just kids.
What you do all day, since you are not working.
I am not doing this, because I can't do anything else.
I am not doing this, because I am not able to do a "normal" (labels) job.
But I am also not doing this only because I love children, which I absolulety do.
I am doing this, because I want.
I am doing this, because I know how much can this experience change me.
It already did. It shaped me it a way, you probably won't ever understand.
Because you didn't try.
Shame. You could be even more awesome person, than you already are. It would teach you about you. It would challenge you and it would probably change you.
When I was 20. Before I left home behind and went to another world I use to say, that babies are very far in the future for me, beucase I wouldn't be albe to take care of them, because I am not even able to take a proper care of myself.
Well I still say that babies are very far in the future, but not for the same reasons.
I was basically forced (by mself) to learn how to take care of myself AND another human being(s). I had to learn so many stuff, you have no idea about and that is why it changed me in a way you won't understand.
Because you didn't even try and because you are labeling me. For not being on the same levels as you.
Your bad.
I am happy with myself as I could ever be. Only because I made my decison, that day, 2 years ago.


Pink hair and part time job

18. september 2016 at 17:48
Hello everyone and anyone!
Just a quicq bank update. I have got my pin and info about online banking etc if like.. 2 days, so seriously, go for Barclays. It is quic and the bank guy was really nice.
Anyway. It is Sunday, so I dyed my hair on Friday! Well.. not all of my hair, just like the bottom part. Does that make any sence? Bottom part lol. And it is very bright pink. I might post a picture in some time. The family I work for looks more excited about it than I do, which is funny.

How I went to Primark and got my bank account

15. september 2016 at 11:06
Pro cz, cely článek

Hello everyone! It is a very lovely morning here in London. Not too freakin' hot as last couple of days, when I was literaly dying outsite of all the heat.
I wanted to tell ou a story about my Tuesday. I know it's Thursday already, but trying to keep up and that is the last crazy day I've had.

The Rest of Us

15. september 2016 at 2:09
Can't believe it is over one year I wrote last article in the blog. So sad, but very me. Sorry, but I am really gonna try my best to stick with this from now on. I guess I just run out of writing ideas so I just stop, and I really don't like when is someone I am reading doing it so, here I am. All back and in full power. I have some plans for this site, well.. I have a lots of plans so we will see how it will goes. Hopefully good.